Tapping the Ever-Evolving Power of Female Orgasm for Your Health

Tapping the Ever-Evolving Power of Female Orgasm for Your Health  

Do you find yourself whizzing through this millennium? Because of the vast dissemination of information due to internet usage, it’s great that many more women are finally much more open to sexuality. As yet, due to society’s present failure to cohesively educate young and old about the latest findings about orgasm, there are a great majority of women who do not yet know how to claim their right to have a   evolve power    fulfilled sexual life. Hollywood’s view of what is sexy has mixed people up for generations. Hair tossing was an important effect during sex scenes, so it seemed. Now, it’s not just about the requisite, perfect makeup job and enhancements to the body that average women don’t live up to, especially during an era where 1/3 of the population is obese. (Certainly loving sex partners abound for the obese! These practices mentioned here might require better health of the lungs, than the average obese woman expresses.) But the cinema continually is more open, so that stereotypes of the stereotyping are lately replaced by more real situations upon the silver screen. Plenty of obese are featured in them.)

Women do well to begin to seek out the a.b.c. s of the unlimited nature of orgasm. More men are learning to be sensitive to their lovers, and not necessarily help them, “achieve” orgasm, (as if it is a prize won by those who exert the proper amount of toil.) Are you a woman who can agree to learn to improve your knowledge of resources within your own body, mind and spiritual human self? The determination of how much orgasm you want at any time is up to you! You can learn to give yourself improved, full orgasmic pleasure with or without a partner, (male or female). (Men can learn, too, but that’s a goodly different article.)

How about it? Being fully sensitive and orgasmic is too important a part of your humanity to be relegated to a long list of things to get tense about in your busy life. Orgasm can calm you down, perk you up, and put a smile on your face that can last far longer than you often permit. You can become playful, like an innocent child. Your lover(/s) and your own self can study a very interesting way to expand orgasm beyond the genitals, by tuning in to your internal routes of energy known as meridians that in Chinese Medicine are so important to acupuncture but can be tapped by you. A step by step way of how to move the focus of sexual excitement is an ancient understanding known around the world, but kept underground. Usually people who have not trained only focus upon the genitals to create arousal. Studying the methods to fully focus sufficiently is what can bring about the intensification of pleasure, to all other loci. Due to lack of understanding, cultural repressions and tensions, you have trained more often to inhibit than cultivate the necessary natural ways. You learn to bring your focus deeply into yourself, through developing ‘mind-eye power.’ (That’s your internal ability to visualize, feel or speak commands to yourself as if an energy drill is in each place affecting you like acupuncture needles can.) With the spiraling, mind eye power, you can train your orgasm to move to all parts of your body harmoniously.*

That is the true meaning of being a woman who is ‘multi-orgasmic’. It is not simply increasing the number of clitoral or genital orgasms per love-making session. Learning these practices makes orgasm last longer because you have trained your mind to relax and extend the orgasm and then focus enough to bring it to your internal organs and your extremities. This can make the time you spend making love a spiritual cleansing and healing only because it is your most healing energy that’s been hiding from you! It is bliss!

This is an ancient practice more commonly known of as ‘Tantra’ or raising the ‘Kundalini’, which are two words from the ancient Sanskrit language said to be from Ancient India. My teacher was long ago advised to use those Sanskrit words when speaking or writing to his Western students. They are certainly more known than the Chinese words. Yet there are different methods the various cultures use. (Like artists use different techniques to render a fruit bowl onto a canvas, so do practitioners who develop their Healing Love techniques. There are now many teachers of Chinese Healing willing to share these teachings that are no longer being held as secrets. Belief plus my experience of over 30 years verifies for me, that the more able you are to give pleasure to yourself and another through intimate connection with your internal life forces, the more likely you are to heal physical, mental and emotional wounds. You will be a more peaceful person because you will train to find the chemicals provided by your body that relax you. It is quite easier to approach healing in a relaxed state. You won’t reach for pharmaceuticals or elicit drugs of any kind. You won’t be seeking other external adrenalin or endorphin boosters when you can charge up your natural pharmacopoeia through the birthright of being fully orgasmic. You won’t become a ‘sex maniac’ either, because this intensified love-making is long-lasting. Once you learn it, you don’t have to ‘achieve’ orgasm any more. This method is so natural because you attend to your holistic energetic pulses that will be humming tunefully by practicing these methods.

This energetic orgasm is like having a feast that is crafted by the world’s greatest chef. You know you can’t really enjoy a feast if you over-eat. You only get sick. You take your time to enjoy each delicate morsel. The finest ingredients and preparation deserve taking time making it and savoring it both during the meal and long after. You take your time and no longer want junk food! You learn to stay in the moment better when you put your mind into each millimeter of your body! Usually it takes patient practice to feel like you are a great chef.

A book entitled, The Multi-Orgasmic Woman by Mantak Chia and Rachel Carlton Abrams, M.D. is published by Rodale Press. This book has level-headed techniques you can use to transform old ideas and experiences of orgasm into newer and lovelier explorations. Being a long-time student of Mantak Chia, since 1981, I was asked to contribute to the above named book. Hopefully this article has put the idea in your mind to research enhancements to your life. This is an oasis-like resource you are simply introduced to. It’s up to you to transform your life. Beyond introductory readings, find for yourself some lectures on the subject. Keep adding information until you find a local teacher. In order to be touched, in an exciting new way, reach for your own self-evolvement.

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