Pycnogenol and Other Food Supplements Builds Health – A Review

Pycnogenol and Other Food Supplements Builds Health – A Review

My last article discussed high blood pressure as a direct result of digesting protein foods and not having enough vitamin D, folic acid, B 6 and B 12 vitamins to break homocysteine down Alceo so it can be purged from your body. Protein foods are important parts of a healthy diet so cannot, or should not be removed. Please adjust your diet, however, to exclude all soda drinks, chips, crackers, etc to give your body a better chance to provide you a safer body in which to live.

Your body has many more enemies than homocysteine and needs all the help it can get. You are continually being attacked by free radicals. They are in the air you breath and the foods you eat. Your own body processes produces some free radicals and all of them must be quickly removed or you will suffer health problems as a result.

Science has shown us that a steady intake of quality natural vitamins and organic minerals are essential to good health. You cannot get an adequate supply of them from your food sources, even if you are conscientiously eating the purported healthy food pyramid. If a nutrient isn’t in the food you eat, you can’t absorb it from the food. If the plant you eat was grown in soul missing the nutrient, even though it is supposed to be in the plant, it won’t be there.

The same is true for the meats you eat. If the nutrient isn’t in the plants the animal eats, it can’t absorb the nutrient which you need. And we have known since 1936 that our soils are deficient in trace minerals needed for health. You can check the government’s research papers to check me out. The incriminating report was produced in that year.

Even though a lot of people want you to think synthetic vitamins are the same as organic vitamins, they are misinformed. If you look at a natural vitamin through a microscope and then look at a synthetic vitamin, you will be able to see a difference – and your body knows the difference. As a matter of fact, your liver which has to process all the junk you put in your body along with the good stuff, can be damaged by synthetic anything, including vitamins.

In addition to the natural vitamins you need daily, you also need additional antioxidants to destroy the free radicals you experience daily. Again, you don’t get enough to them through natural processes, so must supplement your diet. If you are young and really healthy, something like grape seed extract could be sufficient. But if you really want the strongest antioxidant possible to make sure all your antioxidant needs are being met, you need to use a true pycnogenol product. None of the other antioxidant products on the market is its equivalent.

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