The Ideal Solution for Heating Bulk Powders

The Ideal Solution for Heating Bulk Powders

Through the years, industrial leaders conducted intensive research in the field of bulk solids and bulk powder processing in order to meet the challenging demands for efficient bulk products processing and eventually to replace the inefficient traditional method   Bulk CBD Products    which yields low quality results.

From the traditional method of hot air in heating bulk solids material, today a more advanced, sophisticated and efficient heating technology designed by the worlds leading industrial companies has been employed in an international array of facilities in heating bulk solids such as sugar, fertilizer, chemicals, plastics, dried biosolids, minerals, and many other types of grains, crystals and bulk powders in response to today’s challenges in processing bulk products.

During the designing stage of this new technology, industrial leaders and scientists in the bulk industry realized that the traditional method has a difficult time controlling the two key outcomes of final product temperature and moisture content if they will only use the single medium of hot air. With the use of indirect heating in the purpose of controlling the product temperature and a small amounts of cross-flow air to control moisture content, the ideal solution of heating bulk products is to be able to provide the exact outcomes required for downstream processing.

This innovative technology does only provide the ideal solution in processing bulk product materials but at the same time it offers several innate advantages compared to the traditional approach and other competing technologies. Specifically engineered for use with bulk product materials, this advanced heating technology produces a superior bulk powder quality, consumes up to 90% less energy than other heating technologies available today, eliminates the production of air emissions, dust, fines, odors, and solves a number of other issues commonly involved in the process of heating bulk solids and bulk powders.

Furthermore, this bulk powders heat exchanger technology did not alter the p

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