Finding Good Gourmet Coffee Roasters

Finding Good Gourmet Coffee Roasters  

A good cup of coffee is one of those things that is hard to describe. One of the reasons may be because coffee is the most complicated drink that there is. Only wine is second to the amount of flavor possibilities that the pallet can enjoy. Because of this you can imagine that there are many different methods of getting your delicious cup   Coffee Roasters Edinburgh     of coffee. This article will explore the two basic kinds of gourmet coffee roasters and why you might want to start roasting your own coffee beans if you aren’t already.

The first kind of gourmet roasters is called an air roaster. This kind of roaster resembles that of an air popcorn popper. The green beans are put into the roaster. The roaster has some sort of mixing device that is located at the very bottom of the container. While heat is added to the machine the device begins to turn. The beans are being moved around and mixed up so the hot air that is being generated in the machine can cook the beans as evenly as possible. Turning the beans over also helps the beans from not being fried on the bottom. The price range of air roasters is anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. The simplest air roasters consist of a glorified cooking pan. The lid is closed tight, with a thermometer attached, and a crank for mixing the beans up by hand. This is obviously more of a hands on method of roasting your beans, but is achievable. Other air roasters consist of you pouring in the beans, selecting how dark you want them roasted, and walking away.

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