Pop Art Photo Gifts – Unique, Fun, and Great Looking

Pop Art Photo Gifts – Unique, Fun, and Great Looking


Pop art has been used in the production of wall art and posters for years and various My Pop Items different styles of pop art have been developed. Ranging from the most famous of all, the Warhol style, to the more revolutionary Che style based on the Che Guevara posters and t-shirts proudly displayed and worn for many years. The great thing about turning your photograph into a piece of pop art is that you can then have it printed onto a range of incredible looking, great fun personalised photo items.

Pop Art Photo Gifts

Giving personalised photo gifts is a treat that is perfect for any occasion and can be given to any recipient. By first converting a photograph of them into a pop art reproduction, it can add fun and colour to any of the great range of gifts that are already available. As well as pieces of wall art, including pop art posters and canvas prints, you can have a pop art reproduction added to any of a long list of photo items.

From Warhol To Che

Before you get to choosing the type of photo gift that you want to print to, though, you will likely want to decide on the type of pop art.

Andy Warhol was the most famous proponent of the pop art style and of al his work, the most famous was the four panel print of Marilyn Monroe. Not only were the prints colourful but they were modern and striking.

Che Guevara posters have adorned the walls of student rooms and flats, as well as t-shirts, for years. The use of a single colour screen behind a portrait really makes the image stand out and again allows the infusion of colour into any piece.

Another, perhaps less well known, method of transforming a photograph into a piece of pop art is the posterising process. This process sees several different colour washes and prints applied to the black and white outline of an image to create an American rock and roll style.

Add Extra Colour To Your Photographs

Regardless of the style of pop art you choose, it allows for a very unique and extremely striking use of colour with your photographs. While some software attempts to recreate these styles through the use of automated processes, the effects are rarely as good as they are when a professional art worker or designer completes the process by hand.

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